Thank you for choosing to support an independent business by commissioning your own luxury, bespoke clothing. Together, we can embark on a journey to bring a beautiful and unique garment to life, perfectly tailored to flatter your body and express your individuality. We are dedicated to the delicate charm of good design, the thrill of extravagance, enduring quality, and the confidence that the perfect fit bestows. At the center of this process is you, our customer. The custom pieces we design and create exclusively for you require special attention to detail – and that means working with you to bring your dreams into reality.

Your satisfaction is our true goal, so please take a moment to read through the information below. This information will let you know what to expect on your journey with us, in regards to services available (and their fees). We strongly believe in being honest and upfront about our prices and what’s included or excluded. By providing this information we are ensuring that there are no surprises. SHIVANI JINDAL provides a service making exquisite custom outfits. You are contracting with us for our product & services. 

All terms and conditions stated here and written in personal correspondence with the client (via text/email/whatsapp) will apply, with or without a contract, unless the written contract states otherwise.



1. The initial quote given is in consideration of the information the client provides at the initial consultation (e.g. fabric preferences, design, prints, embroideries, embellishments etc). Should any changes to the design develop, the quote will change.

2. The client’s commission time-slot will only be secured once the deposit has been paid. We serve our customers on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. The client’s place in our schedule cannot be secured without payment of the deposit of 60% of the total amount.

3. None of our customized outfits cost below Rs. 8000/- and we do not take an order below Rs.10,000/-



1. The client’s place in our schedule can only be confirmed upon payment of the initial deposit. For bridal, this is 60% and for all other garments, 50%. Any event in which a bride is present such as Ceremony, Reception, Engagement party, Mehendi, Civil Wedding, etc. is considered a bridal event. We work on a ‘first-come, first-deposit-paid’ basis.

2. Payment of the deposit will confirm the client’s acceptance of these terms and conditions. Unfortunately, the deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation under any circumstances.

3. The Designer will have no obligation to commence work on any item until we receive from the client written acceptance of these terms and conditions together with the requested 60% deposit payment and any materials that you are willing to provide (in case of redesigning).

4. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide an exceptional product and service for our valued customers. We are thrilled that the client has chosen us to make them a luxurious garment and we promise to do all we can to make their experience a positive and memorable one.

5. We are ready to be flexible to ensure the garment(s) are made to the client’s satisfaction. If their vision of the garment(s) has changed once work has started, expect to renegotiate the time schedule and price for these changes. Additional work will be charged accordingly. We want to hear their thoughts and will work with them to get the best possible results – we aim for perfection, always!

6. If they have any concerns about fit, garment design, or anything else during the process, we request them to raise them as soon as possible. Once the garment is finished and the client has paid for it, it is deemed that it fulfills the contract and you have accepted it as it is. We encourage your feedback as we work hard to make you happy.

7. Once the garment is ready, the designer is under no obligation to keep the outfit in case the client has changed his/her mind. The client, however, is under obligation to pay the remaining amount to the designer/label whether they wish to take the outfit or not. It is considered highly unethical to reject a completed outfit unless it has an irreparable flaw in it.



1. We will do our utmost to meet deadlines if the client tells us about them at the initial consultation. However, unless it is stated explicitly in this contract, time shall not be of the essence in performance; bespoke clothing is a luxurious and time-consuming endeavor with most garments taking at least 12 weeks.

2. Completing your order on time may require the client to provide us with certain necessary information (such as measurements), approve mock-ups or photographs, attend fitting sessions, or to complete scheduled payments on time.

3. Unfortunately, if the client unreasonably delays in meeting any necessary requirements, we may cancel their order and apply our cancellation policy, or we may change the completion date at our discretion so as not to inconvenience our other waiting clients.

4. If they have to cancel a fitting appointment, scheduling a replacement may be affected by other work commitments, and may affect any deadline.

5. Acceptance of urgent work (deadline less than 10 weeks) is at our discretion and will attract a premium charge. We understand the importance of punctuality and refuse to disappoint once commissioned, therefore we will not accept urgent work if we do not feel certain of meeting the deadline.



1. Unfortunately, we do not provide a refund if the client has simply changed their mind about an item they have partly or fully paid for.

2. However, we will happily provide a repair or alteration free of cost.

3. We are under no obligation to provide a refund if the final outfit does not match the ‘imagination’ of the client. We use all the materials after discussing and finalizing with the client. The final look of the outfit will depend on their initial decisions.



1. A 60% deposit is payable at the time of booking to enable commencement of work on the client’s order, to the exclusion of any other potential customers.

2. Unfortunately, this deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation.

3. We will happily refund any payments made over this amount minus our reasonable costs for:

a) work already commenced (including concept design, measurement and cutting) charged at our standard rate, and

b) materials purchased for the client’s order.

     In this instance, we will provide the client with an itemized account of any costs incurred.

4. However, completed orders will incur full payment.

5. In the unlikely event that we are not able to complete and/or deliver the outfit to the client prior to the date of the event given during the first consultation, we will refund the client’s deposit amount without any hesitation or argument.

6. Any materials the client has supplied will be returned to them (at their expense, if applicable), once any outstanding payments have been received.

7. Regretfully, forfeited deposits cannot be counted as ‘credit’ toward future orders.

8. The clients are requested to trust the judgment and expertise of the designer in finalizing the fabric, trims, embellishments, print, embroideries, etc.



1. The Designer will take a complete set of measurements at the time of order and will make the garment(s) according to these measurements. Her expertise in taking measurements for the creation of unique patterns is part of the service.

2. For ‘long distance’ fittings, measurements will be supplied by the client. Your pattern will be made to the measurements you provide and we cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of measurements taken. Please take measurements over the undergarments and/or clothes you intend to wear with your garment.

3. Where a weight loss plan, pregnancy, or illness/recovery is a factor, please let us know so that we may plan your garment(s) appropriately.

4. If a dramatic weight loss or gain occurs in between fittings, you will be charged for any extra cost incurred in making your garment.

5. In the unlikely event that we need to make an immediate decision regarding a design and the client is not reachable, The Designer holds the right to make the decision to the best of her knowledge and expertise.



1. The Designer sees clients by appointment only. Fittings can be held in a location that is convenient for the client at no additional cost. The fitting also itself incurs no additional charge as it is already included in your service.

2. We are able to conduct fittings between 9am and 9pm. The client must make sure that they give us a time and date that they are available when asked to schedule a fitting session.

3. Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule appointments.

4. The Designer can make a home visit for one time for the initial meeting and design discussions. The Designer is under no obligation to make any further home visits to the client’s place. If the client insists on doing so, it will involve an additional charge which the client will have to pay prior to the visit.



1. At the initial consultation, fabrics and embellishments will be discussed. Luxurious, high quality materials are usually sourced by the designer herself on the client’s behalf as part of the service.

2. If the client would like to take a more ‘hands on’ approach to pick out the perfect fabric themselves, they may do so.

3. For our ‘long distance’ clients, after getting a brief from the client in regards to fabric color/preferences, we are able to email photos of fabric swatches for them to choose from. If they wish for a selection of fabric swatches to be sent to them, they will need to cover postage expenses.

4. Where they intend to supply any materials, it is their responsibility to ensure that they are fit for the intended purpose. We reserve the right to refuse to work with unsuitable materials. The Designer is available to advise and recommend suitable materials (included as part of the service). If they insist on a fabric that is inappropriate, there can be no guarantee of a satisfactory final result.

5. If providing fabrics, they should buy no less than the quantity of fabric required for their garment(s) as advised by us. Inadequate amounts will affect our ability to complete the garment(s) as agreed upon in their contract. Any large pieces of excess material will be returned to them with their completed garment(s).

6. Any leftover materials supplied by The Designer will remain our property. The client will only be charged for what is used in their garment(s).

7. The client will be given a copy of the folder of the swatches which they need to return in-hand as soon as they have their outfit delivered to their door.



All patterns drafted for the client’s garment(s) will remain the property of us and are not for sale. Patterns are kept on file for 12 months and should you wish to order another garment made with the exact same/somewhat same pattern, a discount will apply to your future order.



1. We generally accept payments in 2 installments, depending on the total value.

  a) 60% at the time of placing the order.

  b) 40% on the day of dispatch, before the dispatch.

            Under special circumstances, if the client will not be able to pay the latter half of the payment on the day of dispatch at once, we make an additional installment 14 days prior to the dispatch/delivery.

2. Payment is accepted by one or a combination of the following means: Cash or Direct Deposit or GPay.

3. Once payment dates and amounts have been agreed upon it is the client’s responsibility to make payments on time.

3. We understand sometimes things come up and the client may need to change a payment date. They must let us know in advance so a new payment date can be arranged.

4. Payment in full is required before the garment(s) may be collected or dispatched. No exceptions. (Funds must land in our bank account prior to collection of completed garment(s). A ‘transaction receipt’ will not be accepted as a form of payment. Please allow up to 3 business days for Direct Deposit transfer).

5. Upon collection or delivery, the client should confirm that the garment(s) are as ordered and in best of condition. If for any reason they are unsatisfied with the order, they must notify us within 3 days of delivery of any alleged defect or failure to comply with instructions, or it shall be deemed that the garments have been made in accordance with your instructions, are free from any defect and that you have accepted them.


All terms and conditions stated here and written in personal correspondence with the client (via text/email/whatsapp) will apply, with or without a contract, unless the written contract states otherwise.


1. Any event in which a bride is present such as Ceremony, Reception, Engagement party, Mehendi, Civil Wedding, etc. is considered a bridal event, but brides may choose which package better suits their needs. All bridal packages include hair styling, make-up (Basic/HD/Airbrush), draping, eyelashes and nail paint application.

2. For phone/email consults (complimentary in the bridal package), everything is discussed in detail based on photos of styles that the brides sent me, as well as current photos of the bride herself so I can offer suggestions based on needs.

3. Dietician and Dermatological Consultations are available free of cost for the brides who make a booking and pay 50% of the booking amount in advance.

4. Pricing and details are subject to change with no notice, however if a contract has already been drawn out and confirmed reflecting former pricing, the contract quote will be honored. Updated pricing would apply for new bookings only.



1. In order to secure my services for your date, you need to pay 50% non-refundable deposit no later than 3 days after your initial inquiry and quotation, which can be paid in cash, bank transfer/GPay (T&C Apply)

2. If no payment is received within these 3 days, your date will be released and will be available for booking by other clients. The remaining 50% balance is to be paid no later than 14 days before your event date.

3. Last minute bookings (those with 14 days or less until the date of event) are payable in full up-front in order to secure the date.



1. A start and end time will be agreed by CLIENT and SHIVANI JINDAL MUA. Each makeup requires a certain length of time to be finished, the usual time frame is approximately 1 Hour to 1:30 hour(for makeup by the artist, hair is separate) per person. When reserving your date, book accordingly.

2. Any additional makeup needed outside the contract will only be performed at the discretion of the makeup artist. All persons involved in makeup bookings need to be available at the scheduled time of said appointment in order to not break the contract. All makeup for more than one person must be at the same location and consecutive times (no gaps in between).



1. We don’t offer any kind of TRIAL MAKEUPS before or after bookings.

2. No PAID TRIALS either.



1. Travel Fee is applicable when traveling to locations more the 30 minutes outside of Delhi, a quote can be provided upon your request.

2. Any additional travel & accommodation(if any) costs will be added to the total price.

3. For outside Delhi 1 round trip Business Class ticket for Shivani from Delhi (unless specified) & 2 economy class tickets for hair artist & assistant (If required).



1. Makeup will be completed to client’s satisfaction, but is not to exceed allotted makeup time. Ample time is given for each makeup upon booking.

2. We offer 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE* if the client is not satisfied by our services.



1. SHIVANI JINDAL MUA reserves the right to terminate this contract for any non-compliance of terms, the contract will become void and all money given are non-refundable.

2. Cancellation of the booking by SHIVANI JINDAL MUA will result in a refund of 100% of costs already paid by the client. In the unlikely event that she’s unable to make your wedding appointment due to personal emergency, act of God, and severe illness, she’ll try to find you an alternative makeup artist whom she highly recommends. They will receive a brief and any products required that they might not have in their kit.

3. The Makeup artist will be under no obligation to refund any money paid up until point of cancellation, however the client will be liable for any further payments under the following conditions:

     a. If the client cancels no less than 12 weeks before the event date, then a further 50% of the event fee will be due.

     b. If the client cancels no less than 8 weeks before the event date then a further 75% of the event fee will be due.

     c. If the client cancels no less than 4 weeks before the event date then the full amount of the event fee will be due.


Thanks for reading, we really appreciate you taking the time to understand all the information included in this document. We’ve found over time that our customers really appreciate our openness in this manner.



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