Shivani Jindal is one of the Indian Fashion Designers with her own designer label in the country. She was born and brought up in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Her journey as a Fashion Designer started in 2016 as a student of National Institute of Fashion Technology, one of the top fashion colleges in the country. While studying fashion, she visited various clusters of hand embroiderers and craftsmen, as part of her college assignments, who were out of work in various parts of India. She began by giving small designs to those artisans that they started working on. The result was mesmerising hand embroideries and hand printed lehengas and sarees which gained popularity in the Northern region very soon. Her sensitivity to Indian crafts forms the basis of her fashion sensibility, yet she maintains a very careful global outlook. She is passionate about supporting Indian artisans by spreading awareness about our culture which is dying with our handwork and handcraft. #handmadeisluxury

While completing her Bachelor in Design, she grew fond of transforming people through makeup. Makeup Artistry for her is not just a way to decorate people, but also make them look the best version of themselves and find confidence in their own skin.

On her way to becoming a Professional Fashion Designer, she also became a Certified Makeup Artist and launched her own Couture Brand and Makeup Studio in 2022 in Delhi NCR.


Our vision is to bring Indian fashion back to its roots, to reinvent the indigenous craft to appeal to a broader audience while at the same time retaining its soul. The brand’s USP is cross-cultural references with multicultural textiles.

Indian crafts are very important to the brand. They are the soul and DNA of the brand. The brand aims to support weaving and handcraft communities in India, which are dying out. It will give us the greatest joy and fulfillment when the company will contribute to the revival of entire crafts villages.The brand aims to create awareness about the rich traditional and cultural heritage of our country and promote them on a global scale. The brand preserves the textile heritage of India by creating awareness for our craftsmen and our work.

The second thing, in our own little way, is to instill a sense of nationalism and indigenous identity within our customer who is grappling with confusion. Fashion can be a very unkind world because it makes a living feeding on people’s insecurities. As a brand, we try to make our customers feel secure by helping them find an identity that is very close to who they are.


“Sexiness is a Matter of Confidence, Not a Matter of Size”

We are the first ever Designer Label to have eradicated the size label on all garments. We believe that size labels, especially for ‘made-to-measure’ couture brands, serve no purpose and do more harm than good to the community. We’ve replaced all labels that indicate size with an ever-present reminder that size doesn’t matter. we construct the clothes that fit you, not the other way around. Hence, we are bringing to you the first ever designer label completely open to designing according to your perfect self.